Friday, August 15, 2008

RESETTER EPSON CX4100,CX4200,CX4700,CX4800

How to reset epson cx4100,cx4200,cx4700,cx4800.these i will expalin abot to reset epson cx4100,cx4200,cx4700,cx4800.
  1. Download the adjustment program (see under)
  2. Extrak adjustment you have downloaded
  3. Go to The extrakted folder then click date.bat file
  4. Now set the date setting in you PC to 17 january 2006 (01-17-06),
  5. Run adjustment program by click APSCX4800Series_Ver10.exe file the click accept
  6. Click the model of printer you want to reset like as epson cx4700 then select destination to uero
  7. Select Waste ink pad counter from the below window and double-click to execute it
  8. Click [Read] button to check current protection counter’s value
  9. Then Click [Initialization] to reset the protection counter to the initial value. Thats all
  10. After finishing, turn off you printer for 5second then turn on again
  11. now you can change the date to normal
link download epson cx4100,cx4200,cx4700,cx4800

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